The Denver Green Roof Initiative And Its Influence On Construction

Passed in November 2017, the Denver Green Roof Initiative has made it a requirement for any new construction project of 25,000 square feet or more to have a roof covered with vegetation or solar panels.

While this of course supports a healthy Denver environment, new construction projects will be finding it more difficult to complete their building developments on time thanks to the stringent regulations.

These regulations for a building 25,000 square feet or greater can be seen in the Green Roof declaration form. This form also provides the required pages to submit an application for a green roof exemption.

The Denver Business Journal provided another key insight as to how the insurance industry is also affected. The following example by DBJ presents this:

“Let’s say you have a covered loss and your building is over 25,000 square feet. Your insurance will cover you to replace it as it was, but now you have the burden of adding the living roof and/or solar, which would quickly make the project more expensive. Many policies have coverage for increased cost of construction (building ordinance coverage), though typically the limits are low and don’t contemplate the significant costs the green roof will require to account for the increased structural loads, drainage, engineering/design work, and greenery/solar panels.”

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