Larimer Square: Preserve or Develop

With evidence such as having the #1 economy out of the 50 states for 2018 (ranked by the U.S. News & World Report); there’s no question that Denver is growing and it won’t be stopping anytime soon.

This being said, problems including affordable housing come along with having as hot of a market as Denver does.

Many affordable housing projects are being announced in an effort to help aid the growth of the state as a whole, but a recent proposal for redeveloping Larimer Square has created an interesting case on its own.

The proposal by Larimer Associates CEO, Jeff Hermanson, presents plans for two new buildings that would be implemented along the historical block of Larimer Square.

The concern with this project as voiced by Historic Denver, is with the initial thought of even changing the historical background of Larimer Square.

The nonprofit group believes this proposal will reduce the value of Denver’s first historic district.

Hermanson emphasizes the opposite, as he states:

“We want to enhance the character of Larimer Square, not detract from it,” he said. “Our lack of affordable housing is a wake-up call that our success could be challenged if we don’t solve that issue. Cities are always evolving and innovating, and the ones that thrive embrace change the most.”

Both sides of this proposal make valid points, but in the end, shouldn’t Denver be planning for the future?

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