Denver Super Skyscraper Update

Dream big, but not too big are the words that can be taken away from this latest news.

Last fall, Downtown Denver was thrown the idea for a 90-story, 1000-foot-tall skyscraper which would sit off the corner of 17th and California.

Named Six Fifty 17, the building will no longer be as tall as imagined because as of Feb 14th, the developer has officially filed concept documents for an 81-story building made up of retail space, a hotel, and residences.

Of course the fact of the matter is this is still only a concept submission so there is still a long way to go for this to be approved.

Andrea Burns, a Denver Community Planning & Development spokeswoman, presented this statement about the building’s progress:

“The developer submitted a concept to the city on or about Feb 14. A concept is the very first step in the site plan review process. Typically, over several months a concept will evolve into a formal site plan, as city reviewers provide feedback to the developer about the various codes that must be applied. The city has not yet reviewed or approved any aspect of the project.”

It will be a long, but exciting process to see how much of this concept will or if it will be approved.

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