Do you want flexibility in your Commercial Real Estate business?      We have it!

Do you want a supportive environment that will get your deals closed?      We will!

Do you have a good book of business built up and want to keep a higher percentage of the split?      You can!

Do you need a change from the corporate mergers and office politics of a larger firm?      You’ll find it here!

Do you prefer working on your own, but need confidence there’s a team behind you?      We provide it!

Do you want to invest in commercial real estate and related products?      We offer it!

We’re a privately held “boutique” commercial brokerage, management and investment firm located in the Southeast metropolitan area.

We offer the opportunity to work at your own pace in a relaxed and fun, yet productive environment.

We offer great compensation plans, up to 90% / 10%, tailored to your specific business.

We offer the opportunity to invest on your own, or with us in partnerships and syndications in the commercial RE, non-performing note, hard money loan and judgement sectors which offer much higher returns than the market average.

We offer the opportunity to get started with a very small investment by pooling funds on deals, allowing you to acquire ownership interest and build a portfolio immediately?


Be a licensed real estate broker for at least 3 years (plans available for less experienced brokers).

Have the willingness, time and ability to do the work required to be successful.

Possess the desire to put the interests of the client above your own.

Be motivated to work with a 31 year investor / 26 year broker.

Possess a positive attitude and be able to maintain a high level of enthusiasm.

Show the desire and ability to earn $200-$400-$600,000 per year.


If you’d like more information please reach out to Tony at Western Investor Network, LLC;  Phone 720-344-1174;  email


Western Investor Network, LLC (WIN) is a true boutique Real Estate Brokerage firm founded on the solid principle of honesty, integrity and hard work.